Anticipate AI

Reinvent your career today!

Artificial intelligence poses a threat to your job. Don't miss the opportunity: with ProSuite.Ventures, turn your professional expertise into an innovative and profitable business.
We invest between 20,000 and 100,000 euros to build a prosperous future together in the era of AI.
We start with your idea and expertise
We help you create your structure
We invest between 20 and 100 k€ depending on the project.
We bring your idea to life.

Our types of PRE-SEED investments.

AI online Agency
20 000 €
Investment including AI² PaaS software in OEM and 320 hours of development.
Max 50 projects / year
Light SaaS
Simple AI service
50 000 €
Investment including UBP software in OEM and 800 hours of development.
Max 10 projects / year
Start UP
Start UP powered by AI
100 000 €
Investment including ProSuite FRAMEWORK environment and 1600 hours of development.
Max 5 projects / year

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Nicolas Korboulewsky An AI pioneer serving entrepreneurs

Nicolas Korboulewsky, fascinated by artificial intelligence since the age of 18, created the technologies VDOM, E²VDOM, and WHOLE before embarking on his personal research project, VAILS. This ambitious project aims to synthesize web applications from natural language descriptions.

Despite the challenges, Nicolas and his team at are transforming ordinary software into intelligent software, providing unparalleled support to ambitious entrepreneurs and revolutionizing the digital future.